Supplies Training for Craftsmanship


Traditional craftsmanship used and uses countless techniques passed on through generations. Even nowadays a craftsman equipped with these skills has countless advantages over the amateur.

In the western countries where industrial production has replaced much of the craftsman's trades, this treasure of experience is getting lost.

In developing countries also, there used to exist mechanical skills, e.g. the broom-making, which girls trained at school to a surprising perfection. But many elementary crafts are missing, not due to lack of dexterity, but for the lack of an incentive, a stimulating example and a challenging need.

The construction guide conveys the basics of serial production and some rudimentary techniques (like the use of a pop rivet gun or the workmanlike application of silicone).


The use of numerous simple jigs, that can also be easily made by hand, is of special importance. With their help, many of the work steps become more accurate, easier and faster.

This qualifies the LAZOLA production training as an ideal building block in the apprenticeship training in the field of metal and wood.